28 April, 2012

Sending Love in a Basket

Everyone loves a care package, me included, so when my friend sent me one a couple months back I knew I must reciprocate.  We are able to stalk practically everyone in our lives now through a multitude of social networks and find out all sorts of information.  Through the young but wildly popular Pinterest we are able to view peoples tastes, inspiration, ideas and more importantly for my current purpose, wish lists.  That is where I found the idea for the first item(s) in my care package.  My friend pinned a crochet basket and since she herself is not a crocheter I decided to step in a make her some!

I varied the pattern slightly by making them bi-colored and I didn't quite follow the row count but I did use the type of yarn that was suggested, Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick.  The end results are surprisingly sturdy yarn baskets.  The light blue basket used two full skeins, the purple used one, and the dark blue <1.  One skein of white was more than enough for all three.  I would have preferred the middle one to be a bit taller so that the proportional differences would be the same but I had only one skein available so I worked with what I had.  They nest nicely as each basket is a spiral row less/more then the one beside it.

I'll let my lovely Kansan friend decide what will dwell in her baskets but here's a few ideas.  Thank you Crochet in Color for a lovely pattern!