07 November, 2011

Cute-as-a-Button Mushroom

In honor of our Wild Mushroom Show visit I wanted to crochet a quick mushroom.  Although  inspired by the variety of shapes at the show I stuck with the good old button mushroom for my first stab at fungal amigurumi.  It was quick and easy and oh-so-cute, 3 characteristics which beg for a repeat.  So I did . . . repeat . . . 4 times!  A rainbow of adorable mushrooms!  This project is an easy way to use up extra colorful yarn laying around.

Cute-as-a-Button Mushroom Crochet Pattern

worsted weight yarn (2 colors, one for base and one for cap)
size F/3.75mm hook
safety eyes (optional)

Stitches used: 
chain (ch)
single crochet (sc)
double crochet (dc)
front post double crochet (fpdc)
decrease (dec)

Start with a magic ring.
1:   sc 6 into the ring, pull tight
2:   2 sc in each sc (12 stitches)
3-10:   sc around 8X's (96 stitches)
          Tip: Change the number of repeats to lengthen or shorten your stem!
11:  ch 2 (counts as dc), fpdc in same, *(dc in next, fpdc in same) repeat  from * another 10X's
       join to top of ch 2
          Tip:  Row 11 sounds weird but it is really quite simple, just fpdc in every stitch and insert a dc between             each one.  You'll end up with 12 fpdc and 12dc (counting the initial ch 2 as a dc of course).  You'll be                 doing the same in the next row (Row 12) into every dc and fpdc resulting in 24 fpdc and 24 dc.
12:   ch 2 (counts as dc), fpdc in same, *(dc in next, fpdc in same) repeat from * another 22X's
         join to top of ch 2
13:   Switch to cap color.  ch 1, sc next 47, join
14:   ch 1 sc in backloop 0f next 47,  from here you'll be working in a spiral so no need to join or chain up
15:   sc in next 48
16:   (sc in next 4, dec) 8X's
27:   sc in next 40
28:   (sc in next 3, dec) 8X's
stuff stem firmly
29:   sc in next 32
30:   (sc in next 2, dec) 8X's
31:   (sc in 1, dec) 8X's
stuff cap
32:   (sc 1, dec) 6X's
finish stuffing
33:   decrease until closed, finish and weave in end

If you have any problems with the pattern just let me know and I will try to fix anything that's unclear.  There are so many different methods to expressing a crochet pattern and I'm working out my kinks and trying to find my style.  Happy crocheting!


  1. I only have a size K hook and 4 ply yarn. Will this pattern work alright for them? I imagine it'd just be bigger, right?

    1. I think the recommended hook size for 4 ply yarn is much smaller than K so your stitches may end up more loose than you'd like, leaving spaces for stuffing to poke through. I would recommend a bulkier yarn with a K hook which would produce a bigger and tight stitched mushroom. On the other hand, you could always start off with what you have and see how it looks and feels. I certainly don't always follow the instructions on hook size and yarn weight. Good luck!