15 November, 2011

More Chevrons?

Can you have enough pillows or chevrons?  Probably not.

I whipped up this pillow and finished it today.  It's made with Lion Brand's Thick and Quick Wool-Ease which is a bulky acrylic/wool blend.  They aren't kidding when they say quick, crocheting the front was a breeze with a size N/9.00mm hook. I then attached 2 layers of felt fabric, the outside layer with an overlapping slit so the pillow can be removed and the cover washed.  All three layers together were pretty thick so I decided to just hand sew them which probably took as long as the crocheted part.

I would like to make another but crochet all the way around and use more than 2 colors, a rainbow or monochromatic pillow with different shades?  I've been thinking about blues after seeing this scarf where you knit a line every day with the color of the sky.  I think its a beautiful idea and will make a great addition to my to-do list.  Summer would be blocks of blue and winter shades of white and grey. What if you were so dedicated that you did an afghan or blanket?  It might be neat to frame a small version as well.  Here's the Seattle sky today, I think it warrants bright blue and white.  It's not always raining here, at least not yet.

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