10 May, 2012

#17 - Eat a Raw Oyster

#17 of my list of 26 before 27:  Eat a Raw Oyster

It's really quite unbelievable that I have not enjoyed a raw oyster until now.  I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay in a small town whose lifestyle revolves around the water and everything in/on it.  Whether taking a boat out for the day, having a crab pickin' or going to work on it, the Bay was a way of life for most people in my community.  So why in the world had I never had an oyster?  The answer escapes me but I have since remedied the situation!  Of course this was a west coast oyster so I'll have to reset my goal next time I visit back east and have a Bay oyster.

Mid February a friend was in town and we took our first Seattle ferry ride out to Bainbridge Island.  The trip was lovely and it seemed like sightseeing instead of a mode of transportation (I'm sure commuters have a different view on this matter).  Once there we went to the tasting rooms of a few Bainbridge wineries before heading to dinner at Hitchcock's.  Hitchcock's philosophy is localism, their service friendly and food superb.  Fresh raw oysters were on the menu a la cart and since I had recently compiled my bucket list I went for it.  I'm glad I got over my fear because it was delicious and I am looking forward to hitting up an oyster bar to try different varieties!  We went on with our meal where I tried pork belly for the first time which melted in my mouth and continued on to clams and giant octopus.  I wish I had written this sooner so that I could be descriptive but after 3 months all I can say is that everything was delicious and in the end our plates were clean.

In Seattle, on a ferry, with Starbucks coffee, could we be any more stereotypical?
Leaving Seattle in our wake.
It was gloomy downtown but sunny on Bainbridge, go figure.
Clean plates, the food was great.
I recommend coming in at night sometime on a ferry, it's quite stunning, this picture does not do it justice.

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