12 February, 2012

26 before 27

So I made a list of 26 things I want to do before I'm 27.  I've seen this idea around the blogosphere for a while now and have been waiting for my birthday to come so I could compile my own list.  Luckily I was flying on my birthday so I had plenty of time in the terminal and on my flight to decide what I would include.  I think this short term bucket list is a great idea to inspire throughout the year and I will be keeping you updated as I check things off!

1. visit Alaska or Hawaii
2. sew a dress
3. go to a Sounders game
4. visit Carolyn
5. plan a trip overseas
6. use a jigsaw
7. go whale watching
8. start learning GIS
9. spend the night in a yurt
10. run a 7 minute mile again
11. fill a sketchbook
12. complete an embroidery project
13. catch a salmon
14. learn to screen print
15. develop a killer hot sauce recipe
16. read Origin of Species
17. eat a raw oyster
18. build a mobile
19. fly a kite at Gas Works Park
20. learn a programming language
21. design/start a quilt
22. join a climbing gym
23. go stand up paddle boarding
24. start an Etsy shop
25. bake my bread more than I buy it
26. camp in the desert

There's a range of difficulty and dedication here.  Eating a raw oyster is more a matter of will while visiting Alaska or Hawaii will be a matter of time/money.  I'm tempted to make all sorts of bucket lists now; craft, travel, Seattle, lifetime, but I think I'll just start with this one and see how it goes.

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