22 August, 2011

Nohko the Ninja

Part of my problem as a crafter is that I want to do EVERYTHING. I have lists of projects I want to try and things I want to make. Most of the list comes from things on the web I see and say, "I can make that." My list became a little shorter today as I brought a new friend into the world, her name is Nohko and she's a ninja.

Nohko was inspired by Nat's Secret Message Ninja over at The Smallest Forest. I forget how I originally found the post, I think I was browsing for felt ideas, but when I saw it I immediately thought her little ninja was adorable and doable so after weeks of being bookmarked I finally made myself one. I left out some things and added others to make her my own which is what Nat did with a pattern she found in a Japanese craft magazine. Watching crafts move through creative people is a lot of fun as everyone tends to add their own touch. Nohko will find a place of honor near my crafting table when we make it up to Seattle but for now she'll be hanging out in sunny California.

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