25 August, 2011

Funny Money

Felt is an easy medium to work with when children are running around therefore I made several felt projects when in CA with Jenny. You just need to keep track of your needles and scissors so that little hands can't find them. I've already introduced you to Nohko the ninja, my next felt project was a wallet from the book "Big Little Felt Universe" that I reviewed in a previous post. Cypher said she wanted a wallet and the book had a pattern so I lovingly obliged.

The wallet itself was very straight forward and whipped up rather fast. The day I made the wallet Cypher woke up and told me she dreamed of pink butterflies and that she could pet their wings without hurting them. This meant I had to pass on the cherry embellishments the book suggests and replace them with pink butterflies (that she can pet :) Below is the larger butterfly on the front of the wallet.

My favorite part to make wasn't the wallet itself but my whim of a 4 dollar bill. The grumpster on the front was just my doodling with a back stitch. A funny guy on funny money. I didn't bother making coins, I just gave her some real ones.

Felt is so much fun to experiment with, it's inexpensive, colorful and can test your creativity or let you lay back and enjoy the ride of an easy project.

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