11 January, 2012

From the Road

Last minute my two-man-fam and I decided to drive down to Colorado to spend the holidays with my parents as well as 1 of my 4 sisters and her brood of 3.  I have found, as most people probably find, that when traveling my priorities and habits drastically change.  When we were driving cross country, down in California, or most recently in Colorado I spent very little time on the web.  Hence I forget about every blog I follow as well as my own.  For that I am sorry (but not too sorry)

This trip we passed through some truly beautiful places both on purpose and by accident.  Maybe it was the shrinking distance to home that prompted thoughts of my little corner of the internet but I decided to post some pictures of our recent drives.  No crafting, or cooking, or other such interesting things, just a small homage to the beauty and intrigue of the world even from a not so beautiful highway. Thank you Ike for the Interstate Highway System  which has been my companion for over 10,000 miles this year.

Northeast Oregon
Coastal California
Redwood National Forest, Northern California

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California
Tetons, Wyoming 
The Craters of the Moon, Idaho
Coming across Lake Union to Seattle, Washington.  Almost home.

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