29 January, 2012

It's been a tiring weekend, good, but wearisome.  We took it upon ourselves to tackle some home improvement projects.  Caulking, cleaning, rearranging and building shelves and things.  The building has been fun/frustrating as it usually is.  The post on those projects will have to wait until 1.) they're finished and 2.) I come back from CA.  I'll be leaving for my sister's home in Southern California on Tuesday and coming back on February 9th which just so happens to be my birthday AND the day our friend from Virginia comes into town.  It's going to be a good couple of weeks.

 For now I wanted to share what has been sustaining us through our hard work, Tofu Reubens and homemade Potato Corn Chowder.  We ate this combo for dinner last night and we liked it so much we had it again for lunch today.  Easy to make and O so delicious.  The makeshift table made from boxes did not detract from the tastiness.


Another happening almost as exciting as lunch is after rearranging we found an open corner for me to use for crafting!  Until now the couch and the floor have been the location of my creativity so I'm pretty stoked.

Our house is TINY and this little corner means my things will become more accessible and less packed away.  So far it only has a table, a shelf, and the space is shared with the dehumidifier but the gears in my head are turning and I'm sure I can overcome the obstacle of size and find a place for all my supplies. I think this quote found on a wall at Ikea sums up my feelings (we liked it so much we took a picture).  Cheers to creative challenges!

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