13 February, 2012

Home Improvement: Kitchen Shelves

In a previous post I mentioned some shelves we were building.  After a few hiccups our kitchen shelves are done!  Before I left for CA we had cut all the pieces and mapped out the studs in the wall.  The stud finder was beeping all over the place and it was a puzzle to separate the studs from the pipes/electric lines.  We prevailed and then realized that the stud placement changed our plans and we made wrong cuts for the shelves, GASP!  I had to leave the next day so Aaron took over the project and finished while I was gone.  I am a grateful girlfriend since they look great AND he found the time to hang up a pot rack. Let's here it for the boy!

Here's some before and after pictures.

 What's an even better thing to come home to than brand new shelves in the kitchen?

  These guys 

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