26 July, 2011

Craft Book Review: Big Little Felt Universe

Big Little Felt Universe by Jeanette Kim is a lot of fun to look at. Jeanette Kim lives in Singapore and has a felt pattern Etsy shop called UmeCrafts. All of the designs are adorable and she has some great ideas such as using velcro to make the fruit "cut-able".

The book is broken up into 12 sets: cake, camping, sundae, office, grill, plants, holiday, veggies, doctor, fruits, tools, and purse. I counted 80 different projects between the 12 sets so that's a lot of felt stitching! I may one day challenge myself to make everything in the book but for now I've made 3 Pieces, 6 if you count the small fruit toppings. I made a piece of cake with raspberry, blueberry and kiwi fruit toppings, lucky bamboo, and the wrench.

All of the pieces turned out well, the patterns themselves were perfect though the instructions left room for interpretation. Some of the instructions were unclear or didn't tell you how to do it at all, skipping steps and assuming you'd figure it out. Sewing these items wasn't brain surgery and the poor instructions didn't hinder me too much but I expect them not to be so vague.

I don't regret buying this book. Although the instructions were sometimes disappointing everything else was not. The patterns and ideas are fun, clever, and life size so they're sure to please any child who plays make believe. They will also please some adults. Aaron insisted that the lucky bamboo be on his desk!

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