18 July, 2011

A Colorful Excuse for a Cold Drink

I didn't even consider the blog world until last winter, now I am an addict! I LOVE looking at craft blogs, there are so many good ideas to try out and it's so easy to wander from one blog to another since every blogger has a list of their favorites readily available. I'll be developing my list soon! In my searching I ran across a beautiful blog called The Purl Bee. This blog belongs to a yarn, fabric, etc. store called Purl SoHo located in New York, NY. They have lots of fun projects available, some for a price but plenty for free. They also offer kits for projects that would make things super simple.

There were many tutorials I wanted to try out but I landed on these simple, bright coasters. They just seemed so perfect for summer and not very work intensive so I gave them a try!

The only thing I did differently was baste the wedges before sewing instead of pinning them. I found this easier to work around and it kept the circle from scrunching up. They have better pictures on their site so if you think you like mine you should check their's out.

Even if coasters aren't your thing (embrace those water rings!) I hope everyone is enjoying a nice cool beverage every now and again this summer thinking about the good things in life. Whether it's a fresh limeade or morning mimosa don't forget to take advantage of this simple pleasure on a hot day.

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