17 July, 2011

Life Lately

My life has been a blur recently so I thought I'd catch the blog up on my sit'ch.

In late May Aaron and I packed up our things and our pup Sagan to settle out west. We now find ourselves in Portland, Oregon for a temporary stay. Aaron was fortunate enough to keep his job and work via his computer so we can go ANYWHERE. Oh the possibilities! We love Portland so far and wish we could stay but there's an opportunity drawing us to Seattle, WA this fall. In the meantime my sister just had a bitty baby and with a 2 and 4 year old running around could use a little assistance. The obvious thing to do here is go help out! Neither one of us has been to California and I love my sister and her kiddos, why not take another adventure! So here we stand, another week or two in Portland then down to southern CA for a month or so, and then back up to Seattle . . . man it's a hard life ;)

The only downfall is that I can't get a job skipping around, so here I am, unemployed, a kept woman, trying to fill my days with something useful. In comes the blog! I'm already crafting around and trying new things to enhance my life so I thought I'd document it if only for my own enjoyment.

Now I'm going to go enjoy the rest of today's beautiful sunshine and think about what project I'll post about first!

camping in Oregon

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