22 July, 2011


I've been experimenting with new shapes and textures of crochet and today I came up with this.

His name is "Lumpy". Lumpy is a mistake but I'm happy to have him. The intention was to find a texture to crochet a sheep and I knew early on this wasn't working, but the intrigue was there so I kept going. I used a popcorn stitch for the lumps and threw in single crochets along with some increasing and decreasing the get the round shape. He's very strange and fun to hold. About halfway through I remembered some big bells I had and so I entombed one inside!

Now he's fun to hold AND he jingles. I don't know whether to give him to a cat or a baby! Both would love his jingle but babies benefit from the texture so I think baby wins. Now I want to make a bigger one, maybe the size of a grapefruit. Only time will tell if I follow through. Now I just need to figure out that sheep!

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