17 July, 2011

A New Necktie

I made something for Aaron yesterday, a necktie! I think it looks pretty great and I can't wait to go out sometime with him in it. He's more of a T-shirt and corduroy sort of guy so this will be a new direction. He's a great team player and was kind enough to model it for me today.

It was very simple with a little bit of trial and error to get the width right, although what is "right" is up for discussion. Some people say 2" some say 3". I stuck with 2" I like the skinny tie look for casual wear. I had originally started a knit tie with this free pattern from Lion Brand but I didn't like the way the edges were turning out. This was probably because I'm NOT a very experienced knitter but I AM an experienced crocheter so I figured, "Why not crochet a tie?" From there I went to my favorite, simple, cobblestone texture that's made by alternating double crochet and single crochet.

The following pattern is what I came up with. If the width is not what you like all you have to do is increase or decrease your chain by twos and then change the amount of times you alternate double crochets and single crochets accordingly. Also, I used 100% wool, worsted weight but I'm sure you could use other materials. I think it would be super cute to needle felt a heart in the bottom corner, I wonder if Aaron would go for that. Happy crocheting!

Men's Necktie
*ch=chain *sc=single crochet *dc=double crochet
use size E/3.5-4mm hook

chain 12
row 1. sc in 3rd ch from hook, alternate dc and sc 4x's, dc in last ch
row 2. Turn, ch 1, alternate dc and sc 4x's, dc in last ch
Repeat row 2 until your piece reaches ~25"
row 3. Turn, ch 1, decrease, alternate dc and sc 2x's, decrease, dc in last ch
row 4. Turn, ch 1, decrease, dc, sc, decrease, dc in last ch
row 5. Turn, ch 1, alternate dc and sc 2 x's, dc in last ch
Repeat row 5 until your piece reaches ~54". Finish and weave in ends.

I enjoyed the way it turned out so much I started another one today! The texture on this one is more apparent. What a simple way to make a piece more interesting.

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