21 July, 2011

I Love These! Double Walled Glassware

I LOVE tea and I love the things people come up with to serve, strain, and drink it with. My new favorite is double-walled glassware. Glass is so lovely, clean and renewable. You also don't have to worry about nasty carcinogens with glass. I first fell in love with dwgw with these tea tumblers from Blue Q.

Back at my old restaurant I had a customer come in and sit at the counter with one. We had a 15 minute discussion about how great they are. They even have a built in strainer so you can use them for loose tea. I've been on the verge of buying one for months but I bought this travel mug last winter and don't want to be wasteful. I haven't been able to decide between the green and the yellow one anyways so I can wait a little bit longer.

My love for dwgw resurfaced when our roommate came home with a mug from the thriftstore. You wouldn't believe how lightweight it is. The cashier didn't believe it either and kept insisting that it was plastic. I fell in love with it at once and instantly wanted a set for myself. Even Aaron shared my taste so we looked it up.

This is the 10oz dw mug made by Bodum. They sell them on their site $30 for a pair and our roommate picked his up for $2. What a steal! Aaron and I got rid of all but a few mugs when we made the big move so we might have to pick up a few of these when we settle in Seattle. Bodum also makes other dw products for hot and cold drinks. I might have to pick up a few of these as well!

Happy Tea Drinking!

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